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We are always very happy to show visitors our cats and the Isle of Wight is much more accessible than you might think, (and it’s a really beautiful place!).  The hovercraft from Southsea is only a seven minute journey, the catamaran takes only fifteen minutes, or the car ferry is forty minutes if you want a longer stay.   We are more than willing to pick people up from the ferry terminals if that is helpful.


My first encounter with a Maine Coon belonging to an American friend was all it took to persuade me that this was the cat for me.  It was love at first sight and soon I had my first Maine Coon girl, now retired from “Active Service”, Targa still has the run of the house. Incredibly this was the start of it in 1989, and I have been breeding Maine Coon’s ever since.

At first like most people, I didn’t know much about the breed, as Maine Coons were fairly new to England, but since then, after lots of fun, big purrs and attending numerous shows, I have finally achieved the look that I have always been searching for.

To this end, I have imported boys and girls from the U.S.A. and Europe

The wonderful amiable temperament of the Maine Coon has been ever present in our cattery. All of our kittens are born and grow up in our house. So it’s no wonder with our grandchildren, our two dogs, the music, and the usual noises that abound around the house, that these wonderful, exceptional cats are well balanced, and don’t let too much phase them out. Our new kittens are achieving the all round look, size, colour and personality that I have been aiming for.

In the very near future I am intending to import from other lines to provide a wide range of interesting combinations and I am very much looking forward to this happening.

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